Customizable Glass Barrel Bungs with a Removable Silicon Cup

Owners of Lux Glass Barrel Bungs
Don Corson, pictured with wife Vicki

Don Corson, owner/winemaker at Camaraderie Cellars in Washington State has been making wine commercially since 1992, and is the inventor of Lux Barrel Bungs. “The bung to me is like the wine I make. I won’t make a wine I’m not passionate about, and I’m not going to make a barrel bung I wouldn’t be proud to use myself,” says Don.  He bought some traditional glass barrel bungs years ago and found them beautiful, traditional, and impressive but discovered that they did not seal.  Over the years on visits to showcase wineries, he continued to see glass bungs sitting on top of standard silicon bungs. Rows of them! Since Don is his own “cellar rodent” he couldn’t imagine the work and expense of lining those things up.  “First impressions are one thing”, he said, “but practicality is just as important.”

There had to be a solution and the Lux Barrel Bung is it. Over two years of experiments and tooling alternatives have resulted in a product that works as well as it is beautiful. The Lux Bung is one of the finest wine barrel bungs and has been used worldwide. The materials for the Lux Barrel Bung are all certified food grade and lead free.  The removable and durable silicon cup allows cleaning and is replaceable. Use the bung as you would any regular silicon bung after malolactic fermentation or take the cup off and use it during secondary fermentation.

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You get one chance to make a first impression. That couldn’t be more true for your cellar. Whether you have a gorgeous underground facility or a small winery, Lux Barrel Bungs will help you command attention for all the right reasons.